The Moon and Me

Format : CD

THE MOON AND ME is a single from JOHN COMMON’s record named THE LOW WINES Vol 1.

Copyright John Common Music

Far out
Far out
Far out
At sea…yeah

No one
No one
No one

Now it’s just the moon and me

Let go
Let go
Let go
I’m free

Now it’s just the moon
Now it’s just the moon
Now it’s just the moon and me

Far…. Far… Far… Far

It’s evening. There’s a man walking through the woods in the moonlight. The woods become sparse and then open up onto a beach. The man walks through the moonlight through sand dunes. He’s fully dressed in a suit, a tie, socks, shoes. There’s a dim light above his head that follows him.

Up ahead, where the beach meets the water you see a bonfire. There are figures standing, moving, around the fire in the distance. The man approaches and you can tell they are his community. His mother. His brother. His friends. His wife. A neighbor and her husband and their child. His father. Beyond the fire is the open sea. It’s a full moon. And the moon is casting a beam out across the water. It’s a calm night.

The man moves among the people around the bonfire. They don’t really see him, but they feel his presence. They’re not sad. He’s not sad. It feels more like the recognition of a passage. They love him and will miss him, but they’re not sad.

The man walks down to the water’s edge. He steps out into the water, fully clothed… to his shins… to his knees… to his waist… to his chest… he’s swimming now… out into the dark sea, under the moonlight. He turns over onto his back, still swimming… back stroking out into the darkness, looking up into the night sky, looking up into the light of the full moon, smiling and stretching his arms up and out.

John Common has a long history of collaborating with artists from multiple mediums (film, photography, poetry, installations, box art). For this single, Common collaborated with Denver-based filmmakers Tage Plantell and Kit Chalberg. They captured the entire recording session for this song on film. You can see John, Jess and Joe actually singing and playing the take on the final release, live, all in one take. Common collaborated with Denver-based photographer/artist Scott McCormick to create the surreal visual art associated with the release.

John Common :: voice, songs, acoustic guitar
Jess DeNicola :: voice
Joe Mazza :: guitars

Song written by John Common
Produced by John Common and Steve Vidaic
Engineered by Jim Ruberto
Recorded at Emmasaurus Studios
Mixed and mastered by Steve Vidaic
Photography and Design by Scott McCormick
Layout and Design by Joshua Schneider

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