Make It Real

Title : Make It Real
Format : Digital Download

MAKE IT REAL is a single from JOHN COMMON’s upcoming record named THE LOW WINES Vol 1.

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i remember you told me a secret
that when it feels right, your heart breaks to pieces
when it feels right, there’s hardly a sound
and everything inside comes crashing down

if it don’t bleed…
if it don’t love…

thoughtless lovers still hanging around
make my heart feel like a ghost town
but quiet is the night and soft is the sound
when everything inside comes crashing down

if it don’t bleed…
if it don’t love…
if it don’t breathe…

make it real, bring it down from the air
scare me and tear me ‘til I’m open and bare
make it feel like we’re already there
make it real, make it real

i remember you told me a secret
that when it feels right, your heart breaks to pieces

You are driving out there alone, driving at night, driving across the country. Driving and thinking. The whole time wanting after someone… Hoping that maybe they think and feel what you’re thinking and feeling. You send them telepathic messages out across the distance, down the highway at night past your headlights… You’re trying to reach them across disconnected moments in time… hoping they hear it and they feel it. You look up at the moon in Vermont or Texas or Maine or New York City or South Carolina or Colorado and ask yourself “Are they looking at this same moon right now… are they thinking and feeling this too?”

You keep driving. And eventually the answer emerges: they probably don’t. And they didn’t. And you realize you weren’t talking to them at all. You were talking to yourself. You weren’t searching for them. You were searching for yourself. You weren’t driving away from them. You were driving toward yourself.

That’s when that stack of blocks inside you comes crashing down — when you realize you were and are alone. That’s when it actually gets real — when you step outside of the fictions you’ve been writing for yourself. You complete the story and realize you’re free now, and stronger than you thought.

John Common has a long history of collaborating with artists from multiple mediums (film, photography, poetry, installations, box art). For this single, Common collaborated with Denver-based filmmakers Tage Plantell and Kit Chalberg. They captured the entire recording session for this song on film. You can see John, Jess and Joe actually singing and playing the take on the final release, live, all in one take. Common collaborated with Denver-based photographer/artist Scott McCormick to create the surreal visual art associated with the release.

John Common
:: voice, songs, acoustic guitar
Jess DeNicola :: voice
Joe Mazza :: guitars

Song written by John Common
Produced by John Common and Steve Vidaic
Engineered by Jim Ruberto
Recorded at Emmasaurus Studios
Mixed and mastered by Steve Vidaic
Photography and Design by Scott McCormick
Layout and Design by Joshua Schneider

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